Do you understand what derogations and flexibilities are available for certain gears?  Please read the CFPO guidance on this.

Current flexibilities and derogations will have to be justified annually and therefore it is vital that the use of them is recorded properly.

The CFPO has produced a range simple gear specific (laminated on request at the office) advisory notes aimed at skippers/crew for onboard use. They have been provided for each of the following gears (click to download).

Area 7 e-k Trawl fisheries using greater than 80mm cod end mesh size


Area 7 Gill, Tangle and Trammel Net Fisheries



Area 7 Beam Trawl fisheries using greater than 80mm cod end mesh size (vessel engine power over 221Kw)


If you would still like some guidance, please drop into the CFPO office at any time!


Human Rights at Sea, with support from the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) and The Fishermen’s Mission, released a briefing note covering the topic of UK Share Fishermen in respect of the ILO 188 Work in Fishing Convention 2007 to provide better clarity now the new UK legislation has come into force.

The Briefing Note helps to explain to individuals working across the UK fisheries supply chain the rights of share catch fishermen in light of the Work in Fishing Convention legislation. “It also allows individual fishermen and the industry to see clearly the overall welfare balance of choosing to work as a share catch fisherman.” Commodore David Dickens RN CBE, Chief Executive of The Fishermen’s Mission.

Robert Greenwood, Safety and Training Officer, NFFO, commented that: “The right to be a share fisherman is an important part of the UK Fishing industry and is a historic privilege enjoyed by both fisherman and vessel owners equally. The introduction of ILO C188 Work in Fishing Convention and its implementation into UK law, includes both employed and share fishermen, and this independent briefing note by Human Rights at Sea clarifies that the rights of a share fishermen should be unaffected by the Work in Fishing Convention changes.”

Read the briefing note here.


A new technical conservation regulation will be introduced this summer, and the MMO is providing an update on the upcoming changes to enable the fishing industry to prepare.

They would like to remind fishermen operating in the Celtic Sea of the Landing Obligation rules that will come into force on 1 July.

The MMO is working on comprehensive guidance to assist members of the industry to understand the changes.

To find out more information now you can check out the MMO blog and Q&A.