13/06/18: Fishermen Warn Against carve-up of UK Waters in Brexit Deal

Industry members urge MPs to take back control and rectify 'travesty' of 1973 EEC deal.

30/03/18: British fishermen tired of taking 'scraps' from Brussels are counting down the days to Brexit

CFPO members are interviewed by the CBC on the Brexit transition deal.

20/03/18: CFPO: Gove and Eustice have some explaining to do

Paul Trebilcock comments on the Brexit transition deal.

20/02/18: Cornish fishermen fear catch in Brexit talks

The Financial Times interviews CFPO members on Brexit and the fishing industry.

19/02/18: 84% of fish caught off Cornish coast go to France – only 9% to Britain

Paul Trebilcock and CFPO members on EU quota in Cornish water.

15/02/17: Paul Trebilcock on Brexit's Opportunities & Challenges.

David Linke interviews CFPO's Paul Trebilcock on opportunities of Brexit for POs.

09/02/18: A Day Trip Out On A Cornish Sardine Ring Netter

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide interviews CFPO members onboard a sardine ring netter.

20/01/18: A new online hub for Cornish fishing launches today

CFPO's new website features on Fiskerforum.

13/12/17: Fishermen 'have been forced to throw dead fish back in the sea'.

Paul Trebilcock on the lack of sea bass quota.

12/12/17: Fishermen demand EU quota change after throwing back sea bass

Paul Trebilcock discusses sea bass quota for Cornish fishermen.

12/12/17: Cornish fishermen out in force in Brussels to secure better quotas

Paul Trebilcock is quoted ahead of the December talks of 2017.