Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) were designed to be the main tool for reforming UK fisheries management under the Fisheries Act 2020, which sets out the core objectives for fisheries management in the UK post-Brexit. FMPs are evidence-based action plans, developed with input from the fishing industry and other stakeholders. They will provide the framework to build and maintain sustainable fish and shellfish stocks in the UK by setting out a range of policies – based on scientific evidence – that detail how fishing is managed, by stock, fishery, or location. 


In July 2023, Defra published a statement on a range of fisheries issues, and announced a series of important consultations for the FMPs. Whilst the FMPs go through this public consultation, all interested parties are given the opportunity to share their views. The CFPO will be submitting a response, so if you would like to engage and feed into this process please do get in contact with the office.

The below factsheets summarise the different FMPs in question.