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The Young Fishermen Network

Here it is, the first of its kind in the UK, Young Fishermen’s Network.

The network aims to highlight the value of fishing as a career, create a platform for connecting other young people with a similar passion and be the home of fishing based social events. Part of the network’s plans are to deliver a series of projects to recruit and retain new entrant fishermen. Made up of young, like-minded young people, the network shines a positive light on fishing and brings people together both online and at in-person events. YFN encourages fishermen to fishermen learning and will open a door to the future of your fishing life. Join us to meet young people with the same strong passion for fishing as you!

Looking to connect with more people in the industry your own age?  

We introduce new members via @youngfishermennetwork instagram page, familiarising faces and opening conversations for future events. Follow the instagram, share your fishing content with us and have a chat!

07789 368 757


The YFN Principles
Fishing themed social gatherings!

Opening the door to your fishing career, by creating a step by step guide into fishing!

Recruiting more young people into fishing!

You don’t have to be a CFPO member to be a part of YFN.