Fishing can be a hazardous occupation and therefore promoting safe working practices and training of fishermen is an important area of the work for the CFPO.

Through our membership of the NFFO we have input and representation on many maritime safety groups within the United Kingdom, Europe and on the world stage at the International Maritime Organisation & International Labour Organisation (IMO/ILO).

The CFPO was the driving force behind the setting up of Seafood Cornwall Training (SCT) and continues to work closely with Seafood Cornwall Training Ltd.

SCT offers a huge variety of training, both for entry level and experienced fishermen. Please see below for a brief introduction to what Seafood Cornwall Training offers and click through to find out more information and book your place.

Fishing Apprenticeship

The fishing apprenticeship was developed by the CFPO and its trailblazing group, which includes the CFPO’s Youth Board, experienced skippers, catching businesses, and the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education.

Basic Safety Training for Fishermen

Seafood Cornwall Training provide Basic Safety Training courses to enable new entrants and experienced fishermen to meet the mandatory requirements for all crews of commercial fishing vessels registered in the UK.

Introduction to Commercial Fishing

The course for new entrants consists of two weeks shore-based training (covering safety, gear and catch handling, net mending, rope work and navigation) and one week of mandatory safety courses (Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Health and Safety) and the Seafish Basic Fishing Vessel Stability course.


We work in partnership with Seafood Cornwall Training to deliver school projects to help children to engage with the fishing industry. As part of this, the CFPO led the educational visits to Newlyn for 100s of Cornish primary school children.