31/03/22: Compliance and traceability

A selection of helpful links containing information on the Government's E-log software, how to submit logbooks, a step-by-step guide on first-fish sale and catch recording.

31/03/22: Application of pingers

Together with the Sea Mammal Research Unit the PO has created a guide on how to use DDD-03L pingers in static net fisheries.

23/03/22: Joint Fisheries Statement Digest

The PO has taken the 80 page JFS document and digested it into a short three page document for its members. Please get in touch with Chris if you have further questions.

11/06/21: The CFPO seeks new CEO

For 20 years, the CFPO has been headed-up by Chief Executive Paul Trebilcock. Following Paul accepting a new role elsewhere in the industry, the Board is now keen to hear initial expressions of interest from potential candidates for the position.

01/02/21: CFPO Policies and Aims

As the CFPO, our day-to-day operation in responding the members needs won’t change, however we have updated our policies and aims responding to the new Fisheries Act and Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

30/12/20: Betrayed by Boris

Having had the opportunity to read the Brexit agreement hailed as a great success by the UK Government, the CFPO has given its thoughts below from a Cornish fishing perspective. See below for the CFPO’s reaction to the UK’s Brexit trade deal.

18/12/20: The Fisheries Act Digest

Want to try and make sense of the new Fisheries Act? We have put together a digest to help you understand what changes will come as a result of this major new piece of national fishing legislation.