Did you know seafood is four times more important to Cornwall’s economy than it is to the UK’s as a whole? 

Home to one of the most diverse, sustainable fleets in Europe, Cornwall lands over fifty different species every year – a first sale value of £50 million.

Fishing remains the lifeblood of our coastal communities. It serves as a vital source of food security, is intrinsically linked to tourism and hospitality and makes up one of the most significant industries in the county.

But, what is the true economic importance of seafood to Cornwall?

The CFPO commissioned a piece of  research to find out the sector’s true value. Here are the results:


The ‘Value of Seafood to Cornwall’ report came after the Cornish Fishing Strategy revealed four key areas of focus post-Brexit; science & sustainability, port infrastructure, recruitment & retention and communications & marketing.

Overall, the Cornish seafood sector contributes £174 million to the county’s total gross value added. 

It employs around 8 thousand jobs, which means for every fisherman at sea in Cornwall there are 15 more jobs on shore.

The remarkable findings of this research demonstrate how integral Cornwall’s seafood sector is to the Cornish economy, employment and other high-value sectors in the county.

The report will better inform regional and national decision making and help drive strategic investment into the continued development of Cornwall’s seafood sector.

Download the full report here.