• E-Log: Two new pieces of guidance have been added to the MMO’s logbook page recently. One is  ‘How to complete an electronic logbook information leaflet’ and the second is ‘Electronic logbook (e-log) FAQs’.  The information leaflet is intended to be a handy A4 size that could be kept in wheelhouses. The previously existing ELSS report page goes into a little more detail on each of the reports required when using an e-log. Read more. 
  • Learn about paper logs –  this page hosts 2 similar documents for paper logbooks – an information leaflet as well as FAQs. Read more.
  • Click the link below to find a ‘Step-by-step guide’ and FAQs for fishers on how to sell catch direct. This guide was created to help provide fishermen with the information they needed. Read more. 
  • Catch Recording under the ‘What to record’ section you will see the recently published ‘Catch Recording Guidance’. This thorough document is essentially a step by step guide to show vessels how to complete all aspects of a catch record – also towards the end, it includes a list of gear types available on the app, larger-scale maps showing sub-rectangle areas a well as a short section on commonly confused species. Right at the bottom of the main page, you will also see there are some videos showing how to register and how to submit a catch record. Read more
  •  The MMO have put together a handy guide detailing how to label your catch so it can be traced from the point of catching or harvesting right through to sale to consumers. Read more