Project Goals

CFPO released a new fishing and seafood strategy for Cornwall in 2021, supported by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership.  The seafood strategy aims for a sustainable, thriving seafood sector contributing to society and the economy in Cornwall and beyond.  The plan includes several strategic actions and projects, including a need to estimate and understand the full value of Cornish seafood, beyond first sale value.  The most recent report we have to rely on was published in 2003.

The research project

The project aims to provide robust, relevant and credible estimates to inform decisions by policy makers and investors, which will impact the fishing and seafood sectors in Cornwall.  The survey will ensure that periodic updating of estimates is possible.

How this project will help achieve goals

The up-to-date knowledge of the full value and local importance of Cornish seafood will help CFPO and others prioritise a series of actions and projects over the next decade.

The metrics and measures estimated will form a baseline against which to assess the effect of implementing our strategic plans, and they will inform public and private investment decisions, relating to infrastructure and business investment.

Who is involved and why

The research project is led by CFPO, with expert input from an Advisory Group with members from Cornwall Council, Seafish and Defra.  The work will be conducted by consultants Hazel Curtis, former chief economist at Seafish, and Jim Plunkett-Cole, economist and former economic intelligence lead at Cornwall Council.

Survey interviews

Hazel will interview people from every stage of the seafood supply chain. Information collected will contribute to estimates about the impact of the catching and aquaculture sectors on the rest of the Cornwall economy.

Questions will be about business sales and purchases, were they to or from Cornwall, rest of UK, or rest of the world, and also about crew/workers, operations etc., see separate sheet.  It will be valuable to the research if you would share your annual accounts.

Interviews can be done by phone, WhatsApp video call or Zoom, as preferred.  Recording interviews means Hazel can listen better, but is not compulsory.  Recordings will be kept confidential and used only by Hazel to ensure answers are correctly captured. Recordings will be deleted after the research report is finalised. Some in-person slots will be available.

Data collected in interviews will be kept anonymous during the research and will only be used to estimate totals and averages.  Data will not be shared with anyone outside the research team of Hazel Curtis and Jim Plunkett-Cole.  No individual data will be included in any report.  Data from the survey will be deleted after the research report is finalised.


For more information, please contact Hazel Curtis via email or phone 07918 106406.